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The Origin Story

HI! I’m Amanda Sears, a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and professional creative soul, based in Nelson, New Zealand. I am pulled by a vision of global unity and inclusivity; full of colour, creativity, connection and collaboration with foundations in unconditional love and compassion. I’m passionate about holistic health and wellness, conscious lifestyles AND supporting authentic businesses and helping others.

I have extensive experience in marketing, design, copywriting, photography, media, advertising, creativity, health and wellness and basically getting things done, and done right. So you know you are in capable, loving and dedicated hands.

In mid-2019, as part of my personal development I was reading the Code of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley), when I clicked that his book was a really great compilation of information from other books, speakers and years of research, mixed in with his personal insights and experience, presented all in one easy to read place! This style of writing spoke to me in so many ways! Soon after this awareness I felt a strong calling to create The Inspired Guide.

Just like Vishen, I too read, learn, observe, research and analyse the world constantly, utilising my ability to synthesise information and filter through all the content. This means I can go through the flurry of often overwhelming content and filter out the relevant and amazing information and share it with you. Initially I thought The Wellness Guide (my personal health and wellness journey project) would be the best platform for this until I realised I could do so much more! I could collaborate with people from all over the world and reach more people in a better and more efficient way... through The Inspired Guide. So, combined with my background in publishing and communication, my connections in holistic wellness and my unstoppable ability to create prolifically... the ideas and information flowed and this is the result... I’m so excited to share it with you!!

The Inspired Guide

The Inspired Guide is a free monthly conscious living and holistic wellbeing digital publication based in Nelson, New Zealand... reaching the world! Filled with inspiring and informative articles from local, national and global thought-leaders, advocates, bloggers and professionals in their fields; the guide aims to connect, empower, inspire and engage with people who are ready to level up their life, upgrade their health and wellbeing and learn about conscious living... while increasing awareness in all the infinite possibilities for growth and wellness available to us.

With an abundance of wonderful information online it can often be overwhelming and time consuming to filter through it all and get out the good bits - that is where I come in. I have filtered through the content and found all the good bits for you, so you don’t have to search far and wide + I am constantly seeking out more inspiration and knowledge every day and try to stay up to date with the most relevant ways of living a higher consciousness life.

You can look forward to:
- Holistic health for men, women, children, babies and animals
- Relaxation techniques, mindful practices and yoga flows

- Informative articles that are easy to read and understand

- Learning about herbs, essential oils, alternative healing modalities and more!

- Guides on travel, spirituality, sustainability, health, nutrition and conscious living
- Guides on travel, spirituality, sustainability, wellness, gardening, nutrition and conscious living
- Directory to find supportive healers and healthcare practitioners easily
- FREE to read online anywhere in the world! (subscribe for a download link)

With great knowledge, comes great empowerment. Be inspired and enrich all aspects of your life with The Inspired Guide!


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