Our ORIGIN Story

A story of divine inspiration and following your heart!

Meet Amanda Sears - the creator behind The Inspired Guide AND The ORIGINAL Inspired Guide herself... Living a love-led life, doing more of what she loves and following her heart's passion in creating all that she feels inspired to... including this multi-faceted platform.

When passion and creation align...

At age 35 Amanda has had a life full of creation and experiences, from automotive engineering and veterinary nursing, to marketing manager and magazine publisher. She has lived almost everywhere in New Zealand and loves travelling (especially to Queensland, Australia). She has had her fair share of health 'experiences' and hasn't shied away from the 'ups and downs' of life; overcoming setbacks like a star and defying society's norms and people's limiting ideas by being her unique and curious self.


Currently residing in Nelson, New Zealand with her husband John, and cat, Daisy; she enjoys living in the flow of life and each day is a combination of gardening, eating, creating, providing guidance, blobbing out and doing whatever else arises...

She gets what she calls 'divine inspirations' all the time - sometimes they lead to the fulfillment of a project, sometimes they get written down to come back to at a later date and sometimes they get brought to life by someone else... The Inspired Guide was one of these divine inspirations and a combination of the evolution of two of her other projects: The Wellness Guide and Creative Nelson eMagazine.

The Inspired Guide V1.0

The Inspired Guide idea was conceived of in March 2019 and the first edition of the free eMagazine was birthed on July 1st 2019 (it doesn't take her long to bring such inspired ideas to life). It was well received and came together in ease and flow - a clear sign that it was destined to be. She continued to connect with contributors all over the world and easily pull together content for the magazine as it evolved into a SUPER magazine, read by more than 13,000 people all over the world! It was content rich with over 100 pages in each edition and 18 editions in total; 600+ articles, as well as art exhibitions, instagrammers, podcasts, videos and recipes... it truly grew into a timeless resource full of information and inspiration across all walks of life: conscious living, holistic wellbeing, parenting, nutrition, spirituality, gardening, sustainability, travel, business, creativity, movement, health, healing modalities, stories, personal profiles and so much more...

The only constant in life is change...

As Amanda evolved, so did The Inspired Guide and it was put on hold after issue #18 for redevelopment...


The Inspired Guide V2.0

Now in March 2021 it is re-launching with a few changes... Realising that she WAS The Inspired Guide all along, Amanda tuned into her heart to bring her skills, wisdom and inspirations together into this new version of The Inspired Guide which has evolved into so much more than a magazine. This now evolution focuses on her vision of life in 'Doing More of What Makes You Happy' while 'Living a More Love-Led Life' expressed through two generalised avenues: Lifestyle + Business.

For the lifestyle component she shares her expansive knowledge and experience based wisdom with those who are attracted to her guidance.


In the business component she utilises her refined design and marketing skills alongside her intuitive awareness to bring people's passions to life as meaningful business and can energetically re-align pre-existing ones.

Over 600+ articles from The Inspired Guide Magazine and Mini Mag are loaded onto The Inspired Guide website
as a solid foundational database on all things lifestyle and business from contributors all over the world!

Kind Words

"If you are looking for a creative uplift for your business. You are totally in the right place.I am so delighted with my new logo and website that Amanda and I created together. Amanda is fantastic to work with and will get all your creative ideas out of your mind into what ever you need"
- Charley (Re: Design)

"She is a great listener and responds to what your needs are with easy and practical suggestions and steps to follow. Her relaxed style and intuitive approach made the session a pleasure.... I left a lot of my overwhelm at the door on leaving her lovely office space."
- Felicity (Re: Design)

"The magazine is a credit to you and your energies. I love the inspirational focus and curated artworks you include in each issue. The recipes are a treat too! I hope your soul draws much wellness creating this as I do reading it."
- Keile (Re: Design)

"Congratulations Amanda on your 'inspired' anniversary! What you are busy doing behind the scenes each month to create such an encyclopedic compendium of good news, advice and positivity is an effort bordering on the herculean! Well done!!"
- John (Re: Magazine)

"I just wanted to acknowledge + celebrate you and the incredible kindness, generosity, creativity and inspiration you’re sprinkling around the globe like fairy dust. You’re a force for love + good + joy in this world and I want to thank you for who you are and what you do."
- Sarah (Re: Magazine)

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