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Hi everyone! I am so excited to announce that The Inspired Guide is now on the PressPatron journalism and publishing crowdfunding platform!

Why I Need Your Support:
As a digital magazine, working from home and doing as much as possible myself (+ submissions from contributors) I can keep the overheads VERY minimal, however, I still require money to keep things moving forwards, growing and evolving.

We currently generate revenue for the magazine through paid advertisers (which we are still working at growing) but now ANYONE can help support The Inspired Guide via the PressPatron crowdfunding platform.

We Need Money to Cover These Costs:
- My time to put it all together (finding contributors, admin, marketing, planning, design, journalism, illustration, photography, editing, publishing, etc.)
- Operational costs and expenses (our publishing platform, email, website, power, phone, gas, insurance, Adobe suite, stationery, giveaways, etc.)
- Marketing and promotional expenses (to increase reach, readership and awareness - ultimately becoming more appealing to paid advertisers)

Our ultimate goal is to hit a monthly financial target through paid advertising, then anything above this gets donated to charity - however, while we grow our paid advertising base, we still need money to keep things ticking along and pay our bills - this is where you and PressPatron comes in.

About PressPatron:
"Powering the future of journalism" - PressPatron are passionate about improving the sustainability of high-quality journalism and provide an excellent crowdfunding platform to do this. Founded by Whanganui-raised Alex Clark, PressPatron launched in 2017 and won the judges' and people's choice awards in the tech start-up category of The Hot List 2018 run by NZ Marketing Magazine.

How to Become a Supporter:
If you love what we do and would like to invest in the development, growth and evolution of The Inspired Guide you can support us via a one-off, monthly or annual donation using the 'become a supporter' button  at the top or bottom of any page of this website OR via our dedicated page on the PressPatron website: www.presspatron.com/inspiredguide

THANK YOU to everyone who reads and loves The Inspired Guide! THANK YOU to anyone who wants to support our vision via PressPatron - it is greatly appreciated.