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Climate Change - My Thoughts

Let me share my thoughts on the latest (again) hot topic - 'Climate Change'

I see so many articles saying how bad it is and how we are not doing enough, etc. Yet we are doing so much better than we ever have before and continue to improve rapidly - there is no need for the kind of fear propagated in the media.

#1: A changing climate is a natural part of the evolution of our planet (remember the ice age after the dinosaurs?).

#2: Yes there are things we can do to help balance the extreme effects of a changing environment and mitigate the risk to populated areas.

#3: We ARE acting... yes people have been talking about it for many years, and while it seems like slow progress - it's actually not and it is speeding up.

There are massive projects underway including: reforestation, rebuilding the soil, conservation reviews, native planting, emission reductions, recycling advances, innovations in technology, diversifying agriculture, green cities and buildings, vertical farming, renewable technologies, sustainable living and housing, ocean cleanups, non-toxic products, cleaner burning fuel, innovative floating housing, rubbish reduction, circular economy design... so so much is being done.

It is important to remember that just like when our body gives us signals of pain, thirst, inflammation, exhaustion, etc. that it is a call to our awareness; a time to make a change and something we cannot ignore - but it is not something to fear.

This is what is happening on Earth, not just in relation to the environment, but to ALL systems that are dysfunctional (health, housing, poverty, law, government, media, safety, education, farming, etc.).

We are the change that is happening in our world. We are ALL connected. Out of chaos and fire the Phoenix rises, as are we. We are just in the fire at the moment - but fire doesn't just burn and destroy, it also replenishes and nourishes and leads to renewal.

Water does not just flood and destroy, it also washes away foundations that were unstable, it brings life to parched lands and moves nutrients from one area to another.

Deserts that were once oceans may become oceans again, and lakes may drain back into and fill giant underground aquifers and reveal hidden secrets of our past - there is so much possibility!

We are in the time of rebalancing and harmonizing.

Do not be afraid. Be empowered. Choose the higher path. Look for the good. Live as an example.

We were born for this.

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