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Sparking Joy This Spring with Marie Kondo

It is Spring here in New Zealand which means SPRING CLEANING time! Time to get in a deep clean of all the hidden spaces around the home, to bring out your more summery clothes from storage and to see what sparks joy (or doesn't) this Spring season.

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Marie Kondo has a new Netflix series called 'Sparking Joy' where she moves out of the house with her tidying method and into businesses - she is an inspiration to many around the world and has an approach to life that is contagious (in the BEST way!).

I love sorting and cleaning and minimalising clutter. Every year (at least once) I go through everything in every room of the house to see what I still resonate with (or in Marie Kondo's words 'Sparks Joy') and take what doesn't downstairs.

Then I work through everything in my storage downstairs... and if it still doesn't 'spark joy' for me anymore, it gets donated or thrown out...

Every year I find I can let go of more and more as I release personal attachments to the past and live more in the present - it has been an interesting and exciting time seeing how my external world changes in a similar way to my internal world.

There are interesting theories that all of our external world reflects our inner world - the microcosm and the macrocosm - this includes our house, computer, garden, car, etc. This is why cleaning and gardening can be meditative because it directly affects your internal world.

The past few years has seen me clean, clear, heal and release so much internally and the last year has seen these all release energetically and also intermittently in my physical external world too. I can feel the energy building though and I know there is a BIG clean up of my external world happening this September and I have my list ready and waiting for the energy to align ;)

The saying 'Cleanliness is Next to Godliness' is not about the physicality of being clean necessarily but rather the overall energetic aspect of cleanliness - the less attachment, internal clutter of beliefs, judgements and ideas; the release of grudges and forgiving the past means you can move all of these out of your energy, your body, your mind and your external life - allowing more light in EVERYWHERE.

We have all seen what a 'hoarder's' house looks like and the extent of the emotional attachment - their house reflects their inner world of turmoil and lack of worthiness and lack in general. It is not so easy to just go into a hoarder's house and throw their 'rubbish' away because it is a part of them... thank goodness for the Marie Kondo way!

I love that Marie Kondo is quietly inspiring the idea of 'sparking joy' or 'feeling what makes you happy' as a mainstream way of living and working as I know that Doing More of What Makes You HAPPY is the way forward and is the philosophy behind The Inspired Guide.

Thank you Marie Kondo for being you and shining your light into the world in a way that most wouldn't have though could be done so beautifully!

Find out more about the Mari Kondo philosophy to life here:

Thanks for reading!

Amanda Sears

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