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The Inspired Guide Mini Mag #6

Do More of What Makes You Happy in Lifestyle & Business with The Inspired Guide

In this edition:

  • 'Do More of What Makes You Happy' Profile With Emily from Hetho & Co (AU)

  • 'The Unique & Soul-Quenching Power of Storytelling' by Kris Franken (AU)

  • 'When Your Dreams Feel So Far Away' by Rachel White (AU)

  • 'Perspective is a Miracle Drug' by Jenna Teague (USA)

  • 'The Gift That Perspective Gives Us' by Ashley Looker (USA)

  • '5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care at Work' by Tash Pieterse (NZ)

  • 'Connecting to Your Inside Guide' by Sarah Jensen (AU)

  • '5 Ways to Nourish Your Intuition' by Kris Franken (AU)

  • 'Get Ready for the New Year, New You' by Masha G Ellman (USA)

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Designed & Made in Nelson, New Zealand


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