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Do More of What Makes You Happy & Live a More Love-Led Life...

I certainly know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and unsupported in life and business; especially when the way everyone else is doing it just doesn't feel right... so I am here to be the guide for you that I always wanted. I offer services in lifestyle, business, non-defined areas and of course, inspiration - which is woven into everything I do. Click the 'Work With Me - Info Booklet' button below to view a PDF with ALL the info about working with me or scroll down for more information about the core services I provide OR get in touch to arrange a free 30 minute guided consultation to discover if and where I can be of assistance to you.

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*You find me, I don't find you... I share what I know and you make the choices that create your reality...

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Are you ready to live life more consciously with more passion, joy, ease, empowerment and inspiration? To move beyond fear, lack and overwhelm into love, abundance and worthiness?

If you are ready to do the inner work and put it into practice in your life; to express your authentic self and embrace your truth, then I am here to guide you with inspiration, resources, practical advice, intuitive guidance and wisdom gained from personal experience. I am here to meet you at your level with no judgment. I will shed a little light on any limiting beliefs, ideas and behaviours to shift your perspective so you can move into a life with more love and joy.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Beliefs, perspectives and relationships, general, budgeting, empowered choices, vision, self-love, passion, etc.



Life is meant to be joyful - this includes your J.O.B (Joy of Being). So if you are ready to turn your passion into a meaningful business or energetically re-align your existing one then I can help you!

We work together as co-creators to ground your vision and bring it to life and into alignment with a holistic view - in doing so we develop clear ideas and dislodge any limiting beliefs or fears holding you back, creating space to expand into your passion. Once your vision is grounded, we bring it to life using a simple streamlined process, dynamic visuals, consistent style and engaging content that aligns with your energy - in fact you could have your business live or revamped in a matter of days or weeks - with ease!

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TOPICS INCLUDE: Planning, vision, logo & branding, website, social media, training, copywriting, belief systems, consulting...

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Do you feel stuck or lost in life with no direction, passion or motivation - then it's probably time we talked...

We all go through times in our lives of transition; where we are no longer who we once were, but not yet who we will become - we are just floating in a type of limbo.

If you feel it is time to get grounded again or soar higher, then we can have an inspired chat with no pre-defined ideas or direction and let the answers just come through in flow... perfect for igniting new ideas, passions and experiences!  



We could all do with a little inspiration every so often - when ours seems to have dried up...

You can find inspiration via our many FREE resources!

Or you can shift your energy and raise your vibration by doing something completely different, like skydiving or salsa dancing. or listen to some uplifting music, catch up with high vibe friends or get naked and use your body as a paintbrush... you got this!

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