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If I Had Known What Awakening in This Life Was Going to be Like I Would've Politely Declined

I've been thinking a lot lately about my journey of awakening in this life and how it's been going.

This image expresses how I'm feeling at the moment quite well lol... exhausted.

Whilst I'm excited at the possibilities knowing that this is the lifetime I come 'home'; I am realised and I reconnect with my divine self (and all the wild and wonderful things that come with it)… If I'd known what I had to go through to get here, I don't think I would've done it!

It's actually a blessing that all the really intense stuff happened before I really knew what I was in for and what was going on!

It hasn't been easy...

… but it has been rich with experience!

And anyway, someone's gotta go first to pave the way for the rest of humanity, so why not me - (or you).

It's also much easier now than it used to be thanks to the people who paved the way before us and now we are the people who will pave the way for everyone else so they don't need to do it the 'long' or 'hard' way.

Our journey has expanded the vibration of the whole planet and brought in more light so that the ones who come after us don't need to battle so hard with the weight of density and low consciousness to rise up.

Yet whilst it's absolutely been worth it (and only going to get more epic and I have a tiny idea of the tremendous value in it) I wouldn't do it again.

Hindsight can be so beneficial in times like these because I can look back from a higher perspective and see the infinite pathways I could've gone down and how the paths I did choose were beyond perfection.

There were definitely some easier routes for sure but I think because of 'who I am' I seem to have picked the absolute hardest path possible!

The hardest path clearly provided such great contrast of what I DON'T want so now I know very strongly what I DO want + how to go the easiest way and I'm much more receptive to allowing more ease in general into my life.

It also gave me the biggest opportunities to bring in more light and to strip away all that was weighing my personal evolution down as fast as possible thanks to the ferocious intensity.

One day I'll also know all the golden nuggets that this chosen path created and the ripples in the evolution of consciousness my life and choices added to, but for now just resting in the knowledge that it was all perfect will suffice.

So if you find yourself on a rocky path, full of potholes and other rough things that cause you to stumble and doubt, let my words reassure you:

☆ The only way is forward.

☆ Take one step at a time.

☆ Trust the journey.

☆ Clarity will come.

☆ Your journey is perfect.

And you already know this, but let me say it again to remind you (just in case you forgot… like I do often):

☆ All is well in all of creation even if it doesn't feel or look like it.

☆ It all works out in the end because it already has.

☆ Rest in the knowledge that you are safe and supported always and in all ways.

It's going to get really fun from here!

It can and will all change in the blink of an eye!

Thanks for being here on this journey with me.

Amanda Sears

The Inspired Guide

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