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Currently we are in a state of tremendous flux, expressed globally as 'chaos', which is really just rapid change on a grand scale. The macrocosm and microcosm - our inner and outer worlds - purging, cleansing, healing and harmonising.

For far too long things have been happening that we have been unconscious of, disempowered by and out of alignment with, as we played in the world of polarity and contrast, to know ourselves

more through opposing experiences.

As our eyes and hearts open, and we awaken to our true selves and power, a call for drastic action cries out loudly from deep within the belly of humanity - seen and heard as an outburst of activism, confusion, fear and a desire for change.

If you are one of those leading the charge for change, then you will likely know that you cannot create change by doing what has always been done.

You have to be innovative, brave and courageous and step out into the world with your seemingly outrageous and radical ideas with trust and faith in yourself from a place of acceptance, unconditional love and compassion.

More importantly though, inspired action cannot come from a place of fear, and it cannot come from outside of you

You can only share what you know, give what you have and receive more of what you are - so the true change begins within and is then expressed without.


Now is the culmination of lifetimes coming together to be expressed through you as the NEW.

You have been guided in this lifetime down paths that bring you into connection with the tools, skills, experiences and personal evolutions that make you absolutely uniquely YOU.

There is no one in the entire

universe like you and there

never will be. So USE your

uniqueness as your most

valuable trait that it is.

When the way things 'have always been', is no longer working for the good of all people, then it is time for the visionaries, thinkers, innovators and creatives to step forward with NEW ways, ideas

and solutions to new and old problems.

If you have revolutionary, radical, innovative, new, inspired or unique ideas then let them loose into the world - just that act of releasing a vision into the world through a blog, article, video, book, movie, speech, etc. may be all that is needed for the momentum to build - whether you physically action your visions or just release them into the ethers to be picked up elsewhere, you have played your part in creating the new.

You would not even have

the thought if the idea

was not possible.

What makes 'inspired' creation different, is it is not 'reactive' (from fear) but rather 'responsive' (from love). You are not healing or fixing anything, because nothing is broken. You are evolving through experiences and choosing in every moment the experiences that feel better for you - you are bringing energy into alignment and harmony, and manifesting this in physicality through visionary innovations and inspired actions for the collective good of the whole.


Get comfortable with and embrace the unknown - because all of life is unknown! Oh sure we can have plans and goals, but it truly unfolds in ways beyond our human comprehension.

Whilst the unknown can be scary, it is also exciting and full of possibility. When you create what's never been created before, you have to be comfortable with not knowing what is going to

happen with it.

Think of these inventions: the wheel, electricity, the TV, internet, cell phones, the printing press, cruise ships, digital whiteboards, electric cars, skyscrapers, rollercoasters, planes, space travel -

these were all impossible until they weren't.

Someone like you had an idea from wherever and acted on it - that is how change happens.

What is unknown becomes known - As the explorer of the unknown you birth your visionary creations into the world and they become known.

People can push back, resist and be scared of change, but that doesn't make your ideas wrong or bad. If you are 100% creating from your heart's guidance with foundations in unconditional love,

without agenda, the only thing stopping you is your own irrational fears or doubt in yourself.

When you create from love

the universe will provide

all the resources you need.


There is no guide book for the unknown and creating the new, you create as you go, and you go with the flow... however here are some of my personal tips from my own experience:

  • Learn to be flexible, fluid and adaptable - enjoy the

  • Hold no expectations, judgments or attachments - just be

  • Let go of definitions and identities, they only limit you -

  • Focus on creating the new/your vision, not on what

  • Create for the experience of it, rather than a desired


  • You are safe to be authentically you and to express

  • There is nothing to 'fix' because nothing is 'broken' - this

  • Trust is much more powerful than doubt, so take the

  • The future is unknown and it is created in the now - so

  • When you create from inspired action, the

You are going to be doing things differently and that is awesome!

Stay true to you and follow your inner wisdom even when it seems super contradictory to what everyone else is doing.

You were born to create.

Amanda Sears

The Inspired Guide

(Originally published in The Inspired Guide 'Mini Mag' in 2021 then again in The Collected Works of Amanda Sears Volume 1 in 2022 - purchase here on Amazon)

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