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The Seemingly Radical Idea That YOU Are GOD Also

To begin understanding the title of this article it is best we begin at the very beginning… the very beginning.

I’ve heard many ‘creation story’ ideas in my life from various religions, spiritual practices and philosophers and as I’ve expanded in consciousness on my path of awakening these stories just get wilder and wilder until there is one story that just makes the most sense and feels the most aligned (although it can still be a bit tricky for the human mind to comprehend)

  • In the beginning there was nothing - this is what we call God or Source. 

  • Out of this no-thing the desire to know itself was birthed and suddenly all of life existed - what scientists call the ‘big bang’. 

  • It may seem like creation was ‘ejected’ out of God but it was more like a beautiful, powerful, orgasmic explosion where God/Consciousness multiplied into infinite particles - in which we are all one of those infinite particles… hence how we are God also.

  • Consciousness/God began to know itself through our experiences and creations as individual particles of God in various expressions (humans, aliens, blobs, animals, etc.) - with no agenda, just pure experience.

  • As particles of God we explored ourselves in all ways as we experienced the idea of duality, separation and opposing energies - this led us to our current state of being human with no memory of our divine aspects (What better way to explore yourself - as not God!)

So that is the basic ‘creation story’, and for further foundational information I’ll outline the ‘awakening’ process in a nutshell:

  • One day something triggers us to begin the ‘awakening’ process. It can just be the right timing or a trauma, near death experience (or a multitude of other things) but however it happens it all leads to the ultimate question: “Who Am I?” and ends with the answer: “I Am That I Am”.

  • This trigger signals the beginning of our journey ‘home’ - not to a planet or spaceship or Heaven, but to our God Consciousness (consciously) where we reconnect with our divine self - this journey is known by many names such as the ‘spiritual path’, ‘The Way’ or ‘the path to mastery,’ etc. but it is all the same path - the journey back to our own God Consciousness.

Once you make the conscious (or unconscious) choice to awaken, something ignites within you and the path opens up… you cross the threshold and there is no turning back - this is the ‘Hero’s Journey’.

This journey has many directions and we seem to explore them very thoroughly. Most are long and some are short but all spiritual paths lead to the same place: To the remembrance that You are God also.

Some people are not even close to awakening to this realisation in this lifetime while others have been on this spiritual quest for years or decades… usually multiple lifetimes and are finally ascending into embodied integration as you read this. (Well since it’s already happened, we are actually living out the ‘memory’ of how we got there).

As someone raised in a Catholic family and educated at Catholic schools it was quite a bit to wrap my head around the truth that I Am God also because in Christian teachings God is taught to be a powerful being outside of you that you should worship, fear and love with human emotions and tendencies for vengeance and judgment and we are merely humans under the will of a God who is only reachable through prayer and death.

The indoctrination of such rigid beliefs from such a young age makes it sound absolutely insane that I could be God also but in the Bible Jesus shows us that we can be so much more than be a limited, powerless human. His teachings and his life (and death) show us what is possible: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do”.

The blessing of being brought up with religion or spirituality is you already have the foundations laid to know that there is more to life than what we see: 

  • You are already taught about the divine and God/Gods and what more is possible, even if it is in a limited way. 

  • Ideas shrouded in mystery and magic with stories of miracles, faith, hope and the unseen all set you up with a great basic belief system that there is something else ‘out there’ even if it’s not super clear how to reach it.

I mean, for anyone to believe in God, angels, miracles and Heaven - surely you can believe there could be more than one God and much more than meets the eye in life right?

Once you begin to accept (or even consider) that you are God also you can begin to look at life from a different perspective and new ideas begin to form; new questions arise seeking new answers. Your life changes significantly:

  • You can more clearly look at your past and see how you created it and you can begin to consciously create your future with new awareness.

  • Your dreams don’t need to stay dreams anymore, you can begin to actualise them and bring them into reality.

  • You no longer need to live the limited ‘human-only’ life - your world opens up as you do.

  • Your senses begin to open up to the magic that is you; the magic that it is to be human; the magic of this incredible world you helped to build.

  • Awareness, wisdom, clarity, vitality, abundance, wellbeing, miracles, multidimensionality, etc. all become natural everyday occurrences. How fun does that sound?!

Can you begin to imagine life on Earth as the infinite God you are?

So many years, decades and lifetimes searching for what was within you all along… It may seem like such a waste of time, but actually our seeking has changed the world and raised the vibration to the point that many more people can end their seeking in this lifetime and realise they are actually the God they've been seeking all along! It’s pretty exciting!!

Can you imagine a world where everyone remembers they are God?

When we come back to God Consciousness/Oneness we call back and integrate all aspects of our Self that we sent out to experience life and together we come back ‘home’ to our individual God Consciousness Particle with all the wisdom from our experiences. 

We are whole again and while we are connected to all other God Particles we are still a unique and individual particle - and we are doing this while we are human! How exciting!!!

… If you are reading this, know that this is just the beginning …

You are the God you’ve been seeking all along.

You are the ‘home’ you’ve been looking for.

You are Human AND you are God. 

Now it’s time to act like it!


Amanda Sears

The Inspired Guide

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