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It's Not the 'Algorithm' it's You

I've been seeing a lot of self-deprecating posts from creative people on social media recently ... (more than usual) ... specifically about the 'algorithm' changing and subsequently causing a change in the engagement of their followers.

Many talk about how hard they work for their views, followers, likes and comments and how they are thinking about giving up on creating completely. It's quite intense...

These same accounts are usually also the ones dealing with scammers and people copying their pages; people using their art for reproduction without permission, etc. They have LOTS of 'issues' mixed in with their creativity and it affects them deeply - if you feel into the energy of their pages you can sense this easily. It muddies up their beautiful work.

It's so interesting... because what they don't know is that it's not the 'algorithm' (or anyone else for that matter) that's making things change, it's them.

Everything in your world is an external reflection of your internal world or more correctly, an energetic alignment to your energy - and as you change, your world around you changes.

Remember there never used to be social media but energy was building for a deep need for connection in the conscious collective of Earth and social media was born from that desire and it is in a constant state of evolution.

Just as people have changed, so has social media (and everything else).

You can't expect to change and your audience to stay the same (and you can't not change).

Change is inevitable and constant.

Surely you have noticed how some things drop in and out of your awareness? Someone you followed for a while dropped out of your reality at some point and you didn't even miss them or realise they were gone - they were no longer aligned with you (and that's ok). They may come back into alignment but more often than not, something better will show up.

Interestingly while some creatives are finding a drop in their engagement, others are going viral - so it's very clearly the energy - and it's also YOUR personal journey.

It only gets better from here (even if it doesn't feel that way yet), but maybe there are some things in your world that need to change and this is the motivating factor for it - and honestly it's actually you doing this to you. The delivery method may not seem like you, and maybe in the past you did give your power away to everyone else, but now it's really all you, even if it doesn't look, smell or sound like you - it is.

If you are finding you've been sucked into the collective idea that the 'algorithms' are affecting your engagement with your audience, it is probably time to review a few things:

  1. What and why are you creating? Are you creating for the love, passion and joy of creating and expressing your authentic self through your creativity or are you creating 'likeable' products purely for audience engagement and profitability? Does what you are currently doing still feel good or is it time for a change?

  2. What kind of energy are you putting out? The energy you feel, express and infuse into your life and your work is what's attracting people and experiences to you. The souls of people these days are looking for connection, hope, joy, harmony, peace and love - is this what you are putting out? Or is it lack, limitation, doubt, fear, frustration, worthless, etc. Check your energy - what you give out, you get back.

  3. It's ALL YOU! What are you trying to tell yourself? If you take the time to tune into your Self you will find that there are outdated belief systems wanting to be released and aspects of you coming home, wanting to be loved. There's always a message for you in the experience (because it is from you).

  4. Your vibration is rising! As your vibe rises you can expect those who are not rising at the same pace to fall away and others will fill their place - you will find some may rise with you, some may fall away completely and some may even drop in and out of your reality.

It's all a normal part of the evolution of Consciousness and of your Self - it's not an 'algorithm created from someone else controlling and manipulating' your world - its you.

Just allow, allow, allow.

Allow things to come and go... to flow and grow...

All you need to do is more of what makes you happy and let the energy do the rest.

You can't help but create! That is who we are - creators! Magnificent and amazing (and sometimes unconscious) creators!



Amanda Sears

The Inspired Guide

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