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The Inspired Guide - Issue #8

Read The Inspired Guide - FREE Conscious Living & Holistic Wellbeing eMagazine!

Filled with inspiring and informative articles from local, national and global thought-leaders, advocates, bloggers and professionals in their fields. The Inspired Guide aims to connect, inspire and engage with people who seek to level up their life, upgrade their models of reality and enrich their whole lives, lifestyles and livelihoods. (SCROLL DOWN TO READ)

Highlights for Issue #8:

  • 112 Pages of Inspiring Content

  • Digital Exhibition 'Pieces of Me' by Amanda Sears

  • WIN Lee Holmes' book Supercharge Your Life

  • 4 Inspiring Instagrammers

  • The Good Guide

  • NEW 'Short & Sweet' - short 180-230w articles

  • SPECIAL FEATURE: 'All About Love'

  • 18 Contributors + Guests

  • 38 Articles

  • Tasty Recipes

  • Mindful Colouring PDF download

  • Conscious Business Market

  • Download the mindful colouring pages HERE

Read (above) or link to it online Issuu .com HERE

Thank you to all of the contributors, guests, readers and supporters!

Designed and Made in Nelson, New Zealand by Amanda Sears and Sears Co.


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