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An Exciting New World

By Amanda Sears (30.8.21)


As pandemic life continues to affect billions of people around the world we are starting to see that the vaccines, rolling lockdowns and global travel restrictions may not be the best or only ways to contain a constantly mutating virus long term.

Countries like the UK and Israel are looking at bringing in booster shots due to the latest data showing the current vaccine effectiveness reducing over time along with the virus mutating. (Current articles say eg. Pfizer vaccine is 88% effective 1 month after receiving, yet 74% 5-6 months on - see articles).

With governments/countries having to buy more and more vaccines as well as support the economy and community financially during lockdowns + people having to keep getting boosters we may be looking at the catalyst for a global movement in 'self-directed holistic health and wellbeing' as an alternative or as complementary measures to the vaccines.

(Rolling lockdowns and global travel restrictions are not a sustainable response and are reactive rather than proactive. They affect people, the economy and businesses in long term ways not yet fully measurable - not just financially but mentally and emotionally too.)

With a focus on preventative measures like self-directed holistic health and wellbeing we could see a global population become more empowered and self-responsible for their own wellbeing - with no more or at least less need to rely on outside sources, including the government to help them.

We know you can still get Covid19 and transmit it even if you are fully vaccinated and there is uncertainty to your level of protection for further mutated strains (which WHO says is a normal occurrence of viruses) so it is clear that there needs to be a more holistic approach going forwards to support both vaccinated and non vaccinated. Just like influenza, covid looks to be becoming a part of our daily lives...


We've seen the government invest thousands, if not millions into campaigns on all media platforms to encourage vaccinations, so what if they used some of that budget and their direct contact resources to promote and support self-directed healthy lifestyle choices and natural solutions that everyone has access to in a world-leading effort to improve overall wellness and strengthen our incredible human bodies (and while they're at it, improve the lifestyles for all New Zealanders and lead the world in doing so).


It could go down 2 interchangeable avenues:

1: Self-directed health and wellbeing protocol

2: Government assisted health and wellbeing protocol

*nothing is forced onto people, but rather presented in a mainstream way that inspires people to want to do it for themselves

1: Self-directed health and wellbeing Protocol Freely Accessed by all: (what AND why)

• Sunlight on the skin for 10-20mins per day outside of peak burn times for natural healing benefits of the sun's rays

• Increasing fresh fruit and vegetable intake, either fresh, smoothies or juiced to improve overall nutrients intake

• Increasing clean water intake to hydrate the body and cells and flush toxins out

• Fresh air and deep breaths to rejuvenate the body and improve natural vitality and respiratory health

• Some form of gentle movement like Tai Chi or daily walks to keep the blood flowing through the body and increase cardiovascular health

• Daily meditation or mindfulness practices to reduce fear and anxiety and create practices to come back into a space of calm

• Free resources online (or at public libraries) for exercise, diet, lifestyle ideas, etc

• Clean house and environment (as much as possible) to improve basic living conditions and air quality whole reducing toxin and allergen buildup

2: Government assisted health and wellbeing protocol:

• Media channels that share tips and advice in various languages on basic health and wellbeing

• Mindfulness exercises to reduce fear and anxiety

(China encourages their population to practice calming exercises like Tai Chi to reduce the load on their public health care system)

• Seasonal care packs with things like low dose supplements like zinc, vit d, magnesium, selenium, vit c, vit a, omega 3, dha, etc.

• Community movement, lifestyle basics and food courses for free (in all ethnicities)

• Simple and customisable nutritional and lifestyle guides printed and distributed

• Funded life coaches, wellness centres and lifestyle guides

Our bodies are absolutely incredible machines and highly advanced biotechnology (eg. We grow humans inside humans from cells... we don't need to beat our own hearts or heal our own skin,  etc.) so bringing our love and awareness and trust back to our bodies and supporting them with as much goodness (and rest and balance) as possible will increase its natural immune response (and reduce chronic fear response) and improve self healing (which is reduced in states of fear, anxiety, stress, etc.).


This is a new world and whilst the unknown can be scary, it can also be exciting and full of opportunity... we have already seen how the pandemic has changed the world but is it also leading to an inevitable opportunity for a health revolution and radical self-empowerment, self-responsibility, unity and innovation?

It is an evolving situation and the best we can do is get informed, empower ourselves and take self-responsibility for our own wellbeing without judgment for how other's choose to live.

We create the future. How do you want that to look? Is your behaviour adding to your ideal future or taking away from it?

*this article is NOT about getting or not getting a vaccination (you do you) - it is purely an observation of a potential future to come from this.


1. "Covid protection for the full vaccinated is waning, UK study finds"

2. "The Covid delta variant has not spared countries with some of the highest vaccination rates globally."

3. UK boosters: Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) "waiting for better data on how long protection from the first two doses of the vaccines lasts."

4. "Why vaccinated people can still get covid19"

Thanks for reading!

Amanda Sears

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