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Efforting VS Allowing

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are trying to reach something but it remains just beyond your grasp no matter how hard you try to get it?

Well I had an awareness recently that this is what happens when you effort for something, rather than open to receive it - which are 2 very different energies.

#1 - Efforting: The more force, control and efforting you do to 'make' something happen, the more you push it away or hold it at a distance.

#2 - Allowing: When you open to receive and allow all things to come to you (and take inspired action as guided) then it arrives in divine time - often not in the way you were trying to make it happen or even expected.

If you are like me then you’ll know it's hard to fathom this approach when for so long I felt like I've had to effort for everything and work hard to make things happen, but I've since experienced this ease of receiving over and over again and I can say that it is true - for me at least in the energy I now reside in.

Yes, it is hard to have patience; to trust and allow, when you want something really bad and you want it NOW - that is the impatient human/ego/personality aspect just trying to look out for our 'best interests'. (The ego just wants to us feel safe, feel good and be happy in the 'easiest' way possible).

Now it's not like you sit on your arse and just wait for it to come to you - firstly that is a different energy in itself and secondly, where is the fun in that?

It's important to note that there are some scenarios where effort is needed - the key is knowing the difference in the way the energy feels... and that what is easy and in flow for you, might be effort and force for someone else - your life ultimately is an individual experience.

You can probably find many examples in your own life of when things that you wanted or needed (or didn't even know you wanted or needed) just turned up miraculously or in mysterious ways... eg. A gift, a lotto win, a discounted item, a mix up, a random meeting, synchronicities, right place right time, etc.

When it flows and feels light and easy, that is the energy of infinite creation and possibilities.

When you need to use effort or force, and it feels heavy and not nice, that is the energy of resistance.

Feel the different energy in these 3 scenarios:

- Sitting on your arse, expecting everything to land in your lap without taking any inspired action or opportunities that arise

- Being patient and open to receive without expectation or attachment, while taking inspired action and opportunities as they arise with curiosity and intrigue

- Trying to 'make' it all happen when, where and how you want by controlling and manipulating opportunities and experiences with expectation and attachment to outcomes the way you think they should be

These are 3 VERY different energies and all are perfectly fine - however, I know which one feels the lightest to me... and I'm sure you do too.

I also know it can be hard for many people to get into the light and joyful energy that opens us up to receive when all they see and seemingly experience is lack, destruction and chaos in their own lives and in the world around them and doing something joyful or fun seems like the farthest thing from what is needed - but this is where a shift in perspective makes a huge difference - this is an opportunity to step back and re-evaluate your choices and disconnect from drama and other certain things pulling your energy down.

You see, the more light you can hold, the more love you can give and the more peace you can be - the more you change your world and the world around you - the more you create the world in your image and open up access to this way of being for others.

This is how one person changes the world - not by changing others, but by changing themselves.

Give it a go for a week, then a month and see where the flow of the unknown takes you...

Keep choosing ease - even if it goes against what you've always done (because doing what we've always done isn't the way change happens).

Get excited and curious about how things may come to you, yet release attachment to it.

Play with creation and listen to your intuition - flow with ease down the path laid before you - the yellow brick road (so to speak).

REMEMBER: Everything is always working FOR you, even when it doesn't seem like it... it's all about perspective and taking self responsibility for your choices, actions, thoughts and words. It's about making conscious choices that feel good for YOU at every opportunity. Slowing down and increasing your awareness to yourself and your environment helps you to become more mindful of this and creates space for clarity and opens you up to more opportunities that were otherwise invisible.

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