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The Light That Guides You

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed, hopeless and unsure of yourself at the moment. These feelings can become relentless and lead to the desire to escape through things like drugs, alcohol, reckless behaviour or suicide... When you are in that space it is dark and bleak; you cannot see the light... but it is there.

Let me be the light that guides you.

The dark, heavy fog of despair and hopelessness envelops you like a comforting embrace but instead of giving you life, it sucks it out of you and whispers lies and untruths in your ear.

It, in itself is the lie, the untruth, the illusion.

This 'dark night of the soul' (which can last for days or weeks) is actually a normal part of awakening to the truth of who you are and evolves you into a higher space of awareness by bringing everything within you to the light and burning away all that is not truly you.. and it can be horrendous.

This uncomfortable experience offers you an opportunity to review your life while you are still alive and to begin to make choices and changes that focus on a life of more love, more joy and more fun.

Once you know what is happening it is easier to find your way through the maze of your mind and to hear the guidance that is always there, leading you through the darkness towards the light.

While in this darkness, taking your life might seem like a good option but you'll soon find death is not the end, it is just a shift in perspective and once the body has died you will remember why you were here, the significance of it and want to come back...

This life right now is the greatest of opportunities and whilst many do not remember this or recall the tools they have for this journey, I will remember for you until you remember for yourself.

I will be your eyes when you are blind to what is true.

I will shine a light on the potentials you do not yet know are possible.

I can show you a way, the truth and the light.

This dark time you are in is the dissolution of the parts of you that are no longer in alignment with where you are going - it is like many 'micro deaths' in a way - and these parts of you don't want to die, so they fight back with fear, lies and control.

But your heart knows better.

Your will is stronger.

You are stronger.

After being pulled deep into this abyss, feeling like you are drowning, one day you will just let go of the fight and you will find you can breathe under water; that it is actually quite peaceful. The demons clawing for your attention fall away and you finally see the light shining above you.

You begin to float up and up and up... and break through the edge of your mind into a world that you no longer recognize... no longer chaos and destruction... it is perfection, beauty, infinite possibility and peace - it is home.

As you rise, you release the old parts of you to the light along with your beliefs, attachments, judgements and false ideas and are then reborn anew... that is where this path of darkness leads - to rebirth while still in your physical body.

In this life you no longer need to die to be reborn.

Let me guide you towards the light, towards love.

To the truth of who you are.

You might resist at first, most do...

But slowly you will remember, because it is inevitable for us all to remember, whether in this life or the next.

Let's remember together.

Let me be the light that guides you when the darkness blinds you to your own light.

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