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The Path to Realisation

On the journey to self-awareness and the remembrance of who we truly are the path begins with a questioning of life... Why are we here? What does it all mean? What is my purpose? ... Which leads to the thought (and knowing) that surely there is more to life...

This leads us further down the path of self-discovery where we learn the power of our minds and how to become mindful of our thoughts, impeccable with our words and conscious of our actions.

Further down the path everything that is not in alignment with our natural self is stripped away - if we are attached to it or fearful of losing ourself through this process it can be quite painful and uncomfortable as we swing between the pendulum of fear and resistance, and love and acceptance.

Our natural self is love.

Once you have been stripped back to nakedness your experience of life is finally able to deepen, expand and shift. Colours are brighter, feelings are stronger and your perception of the world changes to a spiritual view of perfection, miracles and infinite possibility. You begin to understand the energy of existence and how it is all intertwined.

You see clearly and you no longer fear because you know fear is an illusion and only love is real (and inevitable) - Fear is separation which creates conflict and misalignment within you.

At this part of the path you are no longer trying to control your world with ideas of lack, unworthiness and separation.

Old spiritual tactics like 'using your thoughts to create your reality' or 'manifest riches through law of attraction' no longer align as these lessons were merely a step along the path to show you how powerful a creator you are, what is possible and how important it is to become clear and mindful of your energy in all its forms - but theses old 'spiritual tactics' are based in lack and separation (and you know better now).

Yes, you are a powerful creator and yes you create your reality - but not as the limited, lackful, separated human - the human is the physical, experiential and evolutionary aspect destined to reunite with the higher self once the mind has been enlightened and the heart has been opened. (The human and higher self never used to be seperate).

You begin to create your reality through inspired living - rather than through attempting the difficult task of controlling thoughts, feelings and outcomes.

You live in the now.

Visions and dreams burst forth within you and are released into the world and time and space bend to bring them to you.

By following your heart's guidance and by taking inspired action when opportunities present themselves, you flow effortlessly down the path of your creation to the grandest vision of your self - there is no need to control or manipulate - it is all natural and happens with ease.

☆ Keep choosing your highest vision.

☆ Stay open to possibilities.

☆ Release the need to control.

☆ Know that all is perfect.

☆ Remember who you are.

Amanda Sears

The Inspired Guide

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